Yes, Twitter Has Redesigned Its UI With New Font, Less Clutter & More Focus On Media

Micro-blogging site Twitter is rolling out several visual changes to its Web and mobile apps to make the platform less cluttered and simple to use. The design changes, according to Twitter, make the platform more accessible, unique, and focused for users and what they are talking about. The changes include a new font, that the company is calling “Chirp.” This font is a mix of American Gothic and European Grotesque styles. Twitter announced the design changes via the Twitter Design official account and said that it is rolling out now to Web, Android, and iOS platforms.

Apart from the font, the interface colours have witnessed a subtle change that offers higher contrast and less blue. This, the company says it to draw more attention to photos and videos shared on Twitter. The company says that it is looking to offer more palette optios to users with new colours coming soon. In addition, Twitter is also introducing new buttons with high contrast to make the “most important actions” and stand out. Changes have been made to the Follow button as well and is now black in colour, helping users see what actions they have taken at a glance. The visual clutter has been reduced to make the text easier to read and make media stand out.

Twitter has also reduced grey background areas and removed unncessary divider lines. The space between texts has also been increased for easier reading.

The Chirp font comes as Twitter’s first-ever proprietary font and aims to bring certain personality and distinctiveness to the platform. The font was developed in partnership with Switzerland’s Grilli Type Foundry.