The massive £20 breakfast challenge which only three people have beaten so far

Obviously, when you’re hungry, a fry-up can hit the spot, but arguably there can be too much of a good thing.

But if you’ve got hollow legs and an appetite to match Adam Richman from Man vs Food then this is the meal for you.

Somerset Live visited Treats Cafe in Weston-Super-Mare – where hungry hopefuls can take on the Big Breakfast Challenge for £19.75, which only three people have successfully completed.

The insane challenge contains 43 portions of 12 fry-up favourites, including bacon and black pudding.

Hungry customers taking on the challenge must eat an astonishing 4,000 calories to polish off the mega meal.

The huge two-foot platter is comprised of four pieces of toast, four fried pieces of bread, six pieces of bacon, six sausages, six fried eggs, six hash browns, four black puddings, two portions of bubble and squeak, mushrooms, beans and two grilled tomatoes

The dish is served with a timer – and those who polish off their mammoth meal in 60 minutes will get their meal for free and a photo in the hall of fame.

Somerset Live reporter Cameron Jenkins fared his hand but failed after 17 minutes and 46 seconds, and he admits he “fully well knew I wouldn’t be able to finish.”

If you’re wondering whether you could complete it, manager Ricky Bodalia has some sage advice.

He told the Daily Star in 2017 that guests need to be prepared for the whole cafe to turn and watch while eating – so don’t get stage fright.

Despite gender stereotypes about portion sizes, Ricky says women generally do better than men.

He added: “The girls seem to have more willpower – I reckon 60% of them have done better than the boys.”