Annoyed By Windows 10 News and Feature Taskbar Element? This Is How To Get Rid Of It

In one of the recent updates for Windows 10, Microsoft added to the operating system a new feature called “News and Interests.” However, Windows users do not seem very fond of the widget and seem to be looking for ways to deactivate or remove it. The feature displays the latest headlines from various news sources, horoscopes, stock market reports, and weather. Although it was intended to be an eye on your surroundings, the feature, located at the bottom-right corner of the taskbar on the desktop, annoyingly pops up if you hover your cursor over the widget button on the taskbar. The content on the widget may not be very relevant either, in some instances. This is the reason why users want to do away with this feature, and we have the solution for you. You can either completely disable it, prevent popping up of it, or reduce its taskbar button’s size.

1: In case you’re done with the feature and want to completely disable it, right-click on the button and on the menu, hover your pointer on ‘News and Interests.’ A side menu will open. Click on ‘Turn Off.’

2: In case you see some use in the widget button but prevent popping up of it at random times, right-click on the button, move your pointer to ‘News and Interest.’ In the side-menu, deselect ‘Open on Hover.’

3: In case you want to reduce the size of the button, in the ‘News and Interest’ side menu, select ‘Show icon only,’ and the button will reduce to a small icon. On selecting ‘Show icon and text,’ it will expand to its standard size.

4: There is another option in the ‘News and Interest’ side menu. The ‘Reduce taskbar updates’ option will make the feature update less frequently. It is a useful option if you’re eyeing to save data when having limited internet usage.