Wife sparks furious debate with her ‘chore list’ to shame lazy husband

A woman has taken drastic action in her bid to prove she does much more work around the house than her husband.

She decided to create a list of household chores, marking off the ones she has done with a colour code to demonstrate to her husband that he barely contributes.

The framed daily, weekly and monthly to-do list was marked with a pink pin if she carried out the task, and a green one if her husband did.

By the time she was finished, there were 27 pink pins filling the frames compared to just eight green ones.

“You can’t really read it, but I’ve done these up and I’m the pink and my partner is green,” the Australian wrote on Facebook alongside the images.

“I was just trying to show who does more, so there’s no more ‘I just don’t know what needs to be done’ c**p.”

She received an influx of comments from women in similar situations.

One wrote: “Omg, that’s my life.”

Another added: “I hear the same thing all the time about not knowing what to do and it’s driving me insane!”

But other users accused the woman of being “too competitive”.

Meanwhile, another woman has revealed that she has to ‘pay’ her husband for doing chores around the house.

When the 27-year-old woman first met her husband, he was a student who prioritised his studies over getting a job.

However, once he finished college, he “refused” to get a job and decided to stay home instead.

While this didn’t bother his wife, she’s at her wit’s end with how little he helps out around the house as she says all he does all day is play video games.

In an anonymous post on Reddit, she wrote: “My husband doesn’t work, doesn’t clean, only video games and I’m becoming resentful.

“I tried talking to him about helping out around the house but he claims he forgets. When I suggest putting chores on the refrigerator he says it’s demeaning.

“The thing is I have access to the internet as I pay all the bills. I could in theory shut off his internet until chores get done but I feel that’s what you do with children.”

And now she has had enough.

“After many suggestions I wondered how about paying my husband with video game hours for chores he completed,” she continued.

“This way he does work around the house and he still gets to play his precious video games.

“I laid out what I thought was reasonable compensation for chores as they aren’t that hard washing dishes for 90 minutes, taking out the trash for 30 minutes, putting away laundry for 2 hours, stuff like that.

“He basically yells at me that’s even more demeaning and childish and I’m a major a**hole for even thinking this.”

She concluded her post by asking Reddit users whether she was in the wrong, and while the general consensus was that she wasn’t, many people did accuse her husband for “mooching” off of her.